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debtify unites all your NPL portfolios, servicers and softwares in one digital platform.

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Streamline workout processes and work more efficiently

Here’s how joining debtify simplifies your work:

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Sign up for debtify

Join the debtify network. If your company is already signed up, ask your IT manager for access.

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Securely connect with trusted servicers

Find the servicers you already trust on our marketplace and add them to your debtify account.

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Select your favorite apps

The debtify app store contains many apps which streamline, automate and optimize your workout. You can install them with a simple click and run them on your debtify NPL database.

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Upload your historical NPL data automatically

Importing your NPL data is easy: You can connect your existing debt collection software to our system with our secure debtify API, provided by major debt collection software companies. debtify then automatically imports the relevant parts of your database. Alternatively you can enrich your NPL database by the database connection to the servicers you chose from our marketplace. debtify then transfers historical data from your prior work with the servicers into your debtify database according to the EBA’s NPL data model.

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Track, manage and monitor your NPL portfolios

debtify’s dashboard shows you status, next steps and your most important numbers at a glance.

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Enjoy a streamlined workout process

No more hassle, complex processes or security risks - you can easily manage your connected servicers from one single platform.

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We only charge a commission fee for transactions on our platform. We don’t make money unless you do.

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Whats debtify
What’s debtify?

debtify is an ecosystem that lets you manage, track and monitor all your NPL portfolios and servicers with one login. You can also discover your next NPL workout app on the debtify app store to simplify and automate different tasks throughout your workout process.

Whos behind debtify
Who’s behind debtify?

debtify was founded by NPL professionals like you. Our founding members all have decades of experience in the NPL industry and know the challenges of complex IT structures, security risks and difficult collaboration.

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