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QUALCO's NPL Webinar in collaboration with debtify and BKS!

Meeting 1
11 March, 2021
#npl #debtify #fintech

The turbulent times around the 2020 pandemic have not only impacted the public health sector in a major way: The economic consequences of safety measures might persist long after the entire population is vaccinated.

When restaurants, hotels and retail locations suffer, this could have severe consequences for the real estate marktet:

Individual loans securitized by private real estate might go unpaid and become NPLs.

When commercial real estate stops generating revenue for its owners, they might be unable to fulfill their own debt obligations.

While it’s impossible to predict the exact impact on the financial world, it’s almost certain that NPL volumes will rise.

To exchange perspectives on the best way to deal with a potential multiplication in NPL volume, Qualco hosted a webinar called: “Potential und Herausforderungen für die Abwicklung von notleidenden Krediten.”

debtify founder Jörg Olbing served as a guest on the expert panel and contributed to the webinar. If you’re curious about the future of NPLs, click the video below to watch.

Webinar: Potential und Herausfoderungen für die Abwicklung von notleidenden besicherten Krediten - YouTube