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Servicers introduce themselves: Axel Scherzberg from Asolutions

Scherzberg blogpost
16 July, 2021
#npl #debtify #AsolutionS

“I am building the story of real estate”. This is how Axel Scherzberg from AsolutionS describes his work. “You can’t just sell bricks and pieces”, he says.

A story is also needed in the number-driven receivables industry. Of course, the purchase price valuation, the macro-location, the micro-location and many other metrics are important.

But if the data is out of context, there won't be any buyers - and therefore no backflow.

This is exactly where Axel Scherzberg supports banks and servicers. After decades of experience in the banking sector and as managing director of an NPL servicer, he now runs a consulting and servicing company with AsolutionS.

As a result, he is familiar with both side of the NPL business and can support his customers with a wide variety of problems:

As a consultant for NPL-processes Mr. Scherzberg supports kredit institutions in optimizing, simplifying and accelerating their processes in order to increase productivity and net return.

As a licensed real estate agent, he also offers marketing and valuation services himself. His specialty is problematic commercial real est

Lastly, Mr. Scherzberg mentions portfolio advice — what should you when you have a large package of bad loans? AsolutionS also advises credit institutions on this.

It goes without saying that such a service portfolio does not offer mass processing. That is why Axel Scherzberg, in his own words, does “custom work”.

Although he describes himself as a one man show, he works closely together with a professional network with whom he efficiently manages workout processes.

Since recently AsolutionS is also represented on the debtify servicer marketplace.

Mr. Scherzberg hopes to be able to map processes with his customers even more effectively and simply. He sees double potential in this:

Firstly, debtify’s plattform gives him the opportunity as a broker, to connect customers faster and with higher data security.

Secondly, he also sees an opportunity for his consulting: after all consultancy customers could also accelerate and simplify their processes with debtify.

"NPL is still a patchwork quilt in many places" says Scherzberg. That is why he is particularly pleased that data protection and reporting are almost automated via the debtify platform.

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