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debtify NPL Blog

2 September, 2021

Would you like to receive digital valuation and recovery inquiries from banks without significantly changing your processes? Thanks to the debtify edition of Flowfact, you simply connect debtify to your Flowfact account. You work in your usual real estate software, automate a large part of the reporting and can be found by banks on the Serviler marketplace. You can find out how to connect Flowfact to debtify in just a few minutes in the video below:

31 August, 2021

Placing orders with NPL real estate agents doesn't have to be a bureaucratic chaos full of information asymmetries. With debtify you can place valuation and recovery orders completely digitally and without paperwork. You can find out how this works in practice in the video below: #debtify #workout #innovation #team...

26 August, 2021

This is how you receive valuation and liquidation orders from credit institutions on debtify: On debtify, credit institutions are looking for real estate agents to value and sell their properties. All you need is a debtify broker profile. Register, upload the most important information and enter your area coverage. You can then find potential clients on our marketplace for your region. Watch the linked video to see how you can create your broker profile and attract new clients with debtify:

24 August, 2021

So far, three major obstacles have stood in the way of digitizing the NPL industry: The implementation of new software requires a lot of internal IT resources.Long data protection reviews limit and delay the use of software.Few market participants use the existing solutions. This makes them more difficult to find. We're changing that with the debtify app store. As soon as your company is registered with debtify, you can use new software in no time at all. All NPL apps run in the browser and can be used with just a few c...

17 August, 2021

The debtify edition of Flowfact makes the valuation and exploitation of bank real estate easy: You continue to work in your usual real estate software, the interface takes on reporting, data protection and order management. All you have to do is connect your Flowfact account to a debtify account. You can find out how to do this in the linked video. #npl #digital #property marketing #property exploitation

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