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debtify NPL Blog

4 August, 2021

NPLs are uncomfortable for everyone involved. The creditor wants the greatest possible net return, the customer a way out of his credit. Everyone involved has one thing in common: They want a quick, efficient workout. But mostly NPL workouts are a patchwork quilt: Often many companies, departments and experts are involved in every NPL portfolio. This makes the process inefficient: -Companies work with different data models, which results in information asymmetries. -Processes differ from each other. So every step causes ne...

3 August, 2021

Why the registration for banks to debtify only takes 5 minutes: There are many solutions that could make NPL workouts easier, faster, and more profitable. But there are many hurdles in the way of progress on the banking side: - The implementation causes internal effort - Insufficient IT budget in the NPL workout, etc. With debtify, we shorten this month-long process to 5 minutes. Because debtify runs without installation, is free for banks and 100% # DSGVO-compliant. You can see how easy and quick the registration is in th...

1 August, 2021

Completely digital NPL workout sounds radical when unencrypted emails, faxes and phone calls are the norm in the industry. That's why we keep getting asked how NPL workouts with debtify work in practice. With debtify you can make your NPL workout completely digital in just a few steps. To make this clearer step by step, we have produced a series of short (approx. 30-60 seconds) explanatory videos. It shows you step by step how you can handle your workout with NPL real estate agents completely digitally and in compliance wi...

27 July, 2021

(Our debtify-flowfact press release is only available in German) Digitalisierung des NPL-Workouts: FLOWFACT und debtify entwickeln erste Schnittstelle für digitalenInformationsaustausch zwischen Makler:innen und Banken -Im Rahmen des NPL-Workouts von immobilienbesicherten Darlehenbeauftragen immer mehr Banken Spezialmakler:innen. -Der Informationsaustausch zwischen Makler:innen und Banken ist jedoch -kompliziert und findet vorwiegend analog statt. -Mit debtify Edition bündeln FLOWFACT und debtify ihre Kompetenzen, um dieD...

26 July, 2021

Is the #NPL industry up to the challenges of the future? There is still no growth in NPL stocks. But data protection risks, information asymmetries and inefficient processes turn even small increases into big problems.How do you solve this?Our managing directors @ Jörg Olbing and @Michael Weinreich talked to @Christian Crain from @Pricehubble with @Ulrich Schüppler from @Immobilien Zeitung about this. In the article published yesterday “Possible NPL wave requires new communication channels” you will learn how digital solut...

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