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10 November, 2021

Various servicers are involved in the NPL workout: from independent brokers to international companies. The new debtify partner EXCON is one of the larger companies. The company website contains over 140 services and software products for a wide variety of industries. EXCON has been a partner and solution provider for companies in the finance, mobility and insurance industries for 30 years. That is why we spoke to the Head of Credit Management Frank Rogge for this “Servicer introduce themselves” interview. Rogge sees the E...

18 October, 2021

For a long time it was quiet in the NPL area: hardly any innovation, shrinking workout departments and analog processes. That was a reason for our founders Michael Weinreich and Jörg Olbing to change the industry with debtify. We are pleased that the topic is gradually gaining more media attention: In the latest article about debtify at StartupValley, you will learn the story behind debtify, plans for the future and challenges that debtify and our team had to master along the way. You can find the link here:

10 September, 2021

Managing your NPL-brokers via fax, telephone and email is not only inefficient and slow: It's also insecure. That's why debtify not only helps you eliminate the paperwork and information asymmetries: It also makes your NPL workout 100% GDPR-compliant. The debtify dashboard gives you extensive data on portfolio value, each property's status and detailed insights into the brokers you hired. In the video below, you can see how simple it is to manage your portfolios and brokers on debtify without sacrificing data privacy: http...

31 August, 2021

Placing orders with NPL real estate agents doesn't have to be a bureaucratic chaos full of information asymmetries. With debtify you can place valuation and recovery orders completely digitally and without paperwork. You can find out how this works in practice in the video below: #debtify #workout #innovation #team...

26 August, 2021

This is how you receive valuation and liquidation orders from credit institutions on debtify: On debtify, credit institutions are looking for real estate agents to value and sell their properties. All you need is a debtify broker profile. Register, upload the most important information and enter your area coverage. You can then find potential clients on our marketplace for your region. Watch the linked video to see how you can create your broker profile and attract new clients with debtify:

24 August, 2021

So far, three major obstacles have stood in the way of digitizing the NPL industry: The implementation of new software requires a lot of internal IT resources.Long data protection reviews limit and delay the use of software.Few market participants use the existing solutions. This makes them more difficult to find. We're changing that with the debtify app store. As soon as your company is registered with debtify, you can use new software in no time at all. All NPL apps run in the browser and can be used with just a few c...

17 August, 2021

The debtify edition of Flowfact makes the valuation and exploitation of bank real estate easy: You continue to work in your usual real estate software, the interface takes on reporting, data protection and order management. All you have to do is connect your Flowfact account to a debtify account. You can find out how to do this in the linked video. #npl #digital #property marketing #property exploitation

12 August, 2021

How to start the first step towards a digital workout in just 5 minutes: Link to the video: #realestatesecurity #realestatesecurity #recovery #workout

1 August, 2021

Completely digital NPL workout sounds radical when unencrypted emails, faxes and phone calls are the norm in the industry. That's why we keep getting asked how NPL workouts with debtify work in practice. With debtify you can make your NPL workout completely digital in just a few steps. To make this clearer step by step, we have produced a series of short (approx. 30-60 seconds) explanatory videos. It shows you step by step how you can handle your workout with NPL real estate agents completely digitally and in compliance wi...

27 July, 2021

(Our debtify-flowfact press release is only available in German) Digitalisierung des NPL-Workouts: FLOWFACT und debtify entwickeln erste Schnittstelle für digitalenInformationsaustausch zwischen Makler:innen und Banken -Im Rahmen des NPL-Workouts von immobilienbesicherten Darlehenbeauftragen immer mehr Banken Spezialmakler:innen. -Der Informationsaustausch zwischen Makler:innen und Banken ist jedoch -kompliziert und findet vorwiegend analog statt. -Mit debtify Edition bündeln FLOWFACT und debtify ihre Kompetenzen, um dieD...

26 July, 2021

Is the #NPL industry up to the challenges of the future? There is still no growth in NPL stocks. But data protection risks, information asymmetries and inefficient processes turn even small increases into big problems.How do you solve this?Our managing directors @ Jörg Olbing and @Michael Weinreich talked to @Christian Crain from @Pricehubble with @Ulrich Schüppler from @Immobilien Zeitung about this. In the article published yesterday “Possible NPL wave requires new communication channels” you will learn how digital solut...

16 July, 2021

“I am building the story of real estate”. This is how Axel Scherzberg from AsolutionS describes his work. “You can’t just sell bricks and pieces”, he says. A story is also needed in the number-driven receivables industry. Of course, the purchase price valuation, the macro-location, the micro-location and many other metrics are important. But if the data is out of context, there won't be any buyers - and therefore no backflow. This is exactly where Axel Scherzberg supports banks and servicers. After decades of experience in...

28 June, 2021

In addition to creditors and servicers, the NPL-Workout consists of more and more software. Digital solutions accelerate processes or even automate them. We believe there are enough great solutions that often get in the way of complex processes, conventions, and privacy concerns. It is part of our mission to digitize the NPL and real estate industries. The leading broker system FLOWFACT is pursuing the same mission. We are therefore pleased to welcome FLOWFACT to the debtify ecosystem. The debtify edition of FLOWFACT will ...

16 March, 2021

debtify Morning Talk: Stefan Butgereit What is a non-performing loan still worth? In most cases that mainly depends on the real estate’s worth, which was financed by the loan. However, due to fluctuating real estate prices, poorly defined conditions and other characteristics it is often difficult to make property valuations - especially in the NPL industry. In the past one had to rely on the assessment of an appraiser, but now AVMs (Automated Valuation Models) allow us to make property valuations online without having to h...

11 March, 2021

The turbulent times around the 2020 pandemic have not only impacted the public health sector in a major way: The economic consequences of safety measures might persist long after the entire population is vaccinated. When restaurants, hotels and retail locations suffer, this could have severe consequences for the real estate marktet: Individual loans securitized by private real estate might go unpaid and become NPLs. When commercial real estate stops generating revenue for its owners, they might be unable to fulfill their...

17 February, 2021

What’s debtify and how does it work? We were regularly asked these questions by banks, servicers and app developers. As of today, you can find answers (and sign up for debtify) on our brand new website. Check it out, find out more about debtify and join our NPL platform for free today!