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debtify NPL Blog

21 octubre, 2021

With the debtify edition from FLOWFACT (ImmoScout24 Group), banks and real estate agents can now work together 100% digitally! For banks, this means: You can now make your collaboration much more transparent and easier digitally with direct access to the systems of your exploitation broker. For real estate agents: If you use FLOWFACT, you can completely save yourself all superfluous work such as filling out manual reports, encrypting mail or document exchange. In a webinar with Philipp Uzunay from Flowfact, Jörg Olbing sh...

18 octubre, 2021

For a long time it was quiet in the NPL area: hardly any innovation, shrinking workout departments and analog processes. That was a reason for our founders Michael Weinreich and Jörg Olbing to change the industry with debtify. We are pleased that the topic is gradually gaining more media attention: In the latest article about debtify at StartupValley, you will learn the story behind debtify, plans for the future and challenges that debtify and our team had to master along the way. You can find the link here:

10 septiembre, 2021

Managing your NPL-brokers via fax, telephone and email is not only inefficient and slow: It's also insecure. That's why debtify not only helps you eliminate the paperwork and information asymmetries: It also makes your NPL workout 100% GDPR-compliant. The debtify dashboard gives you extensive data on portfolio value, each property's status and detailed insights into the brokers you hired. In the video below, you can see how simple it is to manage your portfolios and brokers on debtify without sacrificing data privacy: http...

2 septiembre, 2021

Would you like to receive digital valuation and recovery inquiries from banks without significantly changing your processes? Thanks to the debtify edition of Flowfact, you simply connect debtify to your Flowfact account. You work in your usual real estate software, automate a large part of the reporting and can be found by banks on the Serviler marketplace. You can find out how to connect Flowfact to debtify in just a few minutes in the video below:

31 agosto, 2021

Placing orders with NPL real estate agents doesn't have to be a bureaucratic chaos full of information asymmetries. With debtify you can place valuation and recovery orders completely digitally and without paperwork. You can find out how this works in practice in the video below: #debtify #workout #innovation #team...

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