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Servicers introduce themselves: Frank Rogge from EXCON

NEW Frank Rogge
10 noviembre, 2021
#npl #debtify #servicers

Various servicers are involved in the NPL workout: from independent brokers to international companies. The new debtify partner EXCON is one of the larger companies.

The company website contains over 140 services and software products for a wide variety of industries. EXCON has been a partner and solution provider for companies in the finance, mobility and insurance industries for 30 years.

That is why we spoke to the Head of Credit Management Frank Rogge for this “Servicer introduce themselves” interview.

Rogge sees the EXCON Group in the NPL area as the extended arm of financiers. The company is mainly active in the valuation and exploitation in the NPL business for private and commercial real estate.

The clients are banks and credit institutions of various sizes - from large direct banks to local savings banks. All clients have one thing in common: They appreciate EXCON's process and customer-oriented way of working. Frank Rogge reports that clients particularly emphasize the “stringent process flow”.

This is especially important in workouts, where every delay and complication costs the lender a return. When processes are clearly defined, you gain more experience and can make corrections more easily:

“We can quickly take countermeasures if something doesn't work,” says Mr. Rogge. Speed ​​counts in a workout - this applies to the overall process, but also to the reaction to complications.

Since service disruptions often arise under complex circumstances, EXCON also offers strategic advice when cooperating with clients. According to Rogge, this consulting service is particularly popular with older properties.

Basically, a collaboration takes place in three steps:

In the first step, EXCON carries out an analysis in order to find the optimal approach for recycling. Based on this, the team plans a strategy together with the client. When the planning phase is completed, EXCON implements the jointly developed strategy with its proven processes.

These processes also include a large digital component. EXCON was an early driver of digitization in the NPL industry: With digital marketing processes and a digital bidding platform for auctions, the company handles the exploitation processes more efficiently than many analog alternatives.

“We have always been a problem solver,” says Rogge about it.

Working with debtify is therefore a logical next step. Rogge is pleased to be able to offer its clients even more efficient processes through the direct exchange of data and documents with the help of this cooperation.

You can now also book EXCON's valuation and exploitation offers via debtify. Click here to view EXCON's services on the debtify Servicer Marketplace. The website of the EXCON Group can be found here.